About us

Luis Aguilar, CEO and founder of Camaleon POS, graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a degree in mechanical engineering. In the early ’90s, while working for a large petrochemical corporation, he developed engineering software using the earliest versions of Microsoft Windows. After developing an expertise in software development, Aguilar created his own graphical interfacing tools that provided engineers a visual preview of the calculations of their designs. The software that Aguilar developed was successful in cutting down his fellow engineers’ design time from months to hours.

A few years into a flourishing engineering career, Aguilar opened a bar/club. Here, he used his programming background to develop software that would monitor his business when he was away. After trying all of the available POS systems, Aguilar decided they were too cumbersome for his establishment. In order to have the best possible software for his business, Aguilar decided to use his programming background to create his own software that would be developed from a user’s perspective. Working with developers with backgrounds in a variety of advanced databases, he was able to create the strongest and most competitive product.

Since bars/clubs are only profitable for a short window of time daily, usually from 11:30 pm to 2:00 am, Aguilar concentrated on making the software as fast and time-efficient as possible. Aguilar developed a system that would only require two touches in order to make a sale, therefore increasing customer turnover by reducing the time a customer has to wait before they are served. Quick and detailed reports were added in order to keep the manager informed at all times. Since Camaleon POS has always been focused on producing a complete, user-friendly product, it has enjoyed a great deal of popularity in a variety of different businesses. With systems installed in Peru, Mexico, Japan and all over the United States, Camaleon POS is expanding at an exciting pace!

Our Mission

We strive to become a leading company, fulfilling the needs of small and medium size businesses alike. We will do this by creating easy-to-use software contributes to the development of your business, offering profitable solutions of high quality and prestige.

Our Customers

The evolution of our company is a result of the strong relationships we have with our clients. Myriads of success stories generate confidence and loyalty. With more than 10 years in the American market, Camaleon Services is a strategic partner of more than 600 companies.

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