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Computer Systems Administrator

Description of Job Duties

Perform computer hardware and software maintenance services.
Perform Point of Sale (POS) technology installation.
Monitor and maintain networking and security antivirus parts and services.
Perform setup of computer system that networks all of our locations and consolidates accounting programs, client databases, data processing and payroll programs.
Determine computer software or hardware needed to set up or alter a system.
Analyze and solve data processing problems regarding Camaleon System and develop improvements to the computer system.
Test, maintain, and monitor computer programs and systems to ensure productivity, including coordination of the installation of computer programs and systems.
Train employees on how to efficiently and effectively use the computer Camaleon system.
Utilize object-oriented programming languages, as well as client server applications, development processes and multimedia and Internet technology.
Create and maintain administrative reports that aid in performing administration duties for the office.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree or U.S. equivalent in Computer Science, CIS or MIS. Must have five (5) progressive years experience in installation/maintenance/support of organizational computer systems including hardware/software and network. Must have experience in U.S. Hispanic focused retail industries utilizing POS technology to provide expertise for data management support, training and conveying multicultural sensitivity to industries’ diverse workforce. Must be willing to engage in short periods of domestic (65%) and international (10%) travel to client sites.

Please submit resume and references to laguilar@camaleonpos.com

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