Why Camaleon



Detailed sales reports give you a bird’s eye view of your business(including which items are selling and which aren’t) allowing you to make more informed purchasing decisions. You will be able to know what’s happening in your business even when you’re away. Every transaction is time-stamped, allowing you to identify your peak selling hours and increase your staff’s productivity during those times. You can implement a loyalty program to encourage repeat business and higher sale amounts per ticket..



Camaleon eliminates unnecessary work.

No more long checkout lines. Your customers will appreciate a quicker, more accurate checkout experience they will get from our system. Faster credit card authorizations with integrated credit card processing and high-speed credit card authorizations via an Internet gateway.



Eliminate unnecessary work. Cut down checkout time. Impress your customers with a quicker, more accurate checkout experience. Enjoy faster credit card authorizations with integrated credit card processing and high-speed credit card authorizations via an internet gateway. Keep customers coming back with an efficient POS system that allows employees to spend more time on the floor and less behind the counter. Impress frequent shoppers with loyalty programs rechargeable gift cards, and A/R charge accounts. Keep track of unique customer sales and create marketing campaigns that target your customers accurately.



As soon as a server places an order, it is automatically routed to the proper printer so that preparation can begin immediately. No longer will the servers have to wait around the bar for drink orders. The customer gets served in half the time, compared with ordinary cash registers. Servers will never have to walk into the kitchen or bar to place order, which the chefs love. Faster service means faster table turnover and more customers.


AccuracyGrande (2)

Orders are transmitted to the kitchen or bar and printed in bold print on paper tape that is easy to read. Eliminate hard to read handwriting and forgotten modifiers (give away items). If a mistake is made, the hard copy is available for the manager to find out when the order was sent to the kitchen, what time, and by whom. Modifiers will be defined in special red print.



Food and beverage items cannot be prepared unless they are applied to the guest check. Once they are on the check, the server is responsible for collecting for those items. “My Sales” is a method of controlling cash so that the server is responsible for his/her own sales. Promotions, complimentary items, and employee meals can all be handled with absolute accuracy, and placed under manager control..

Easy to Learn


In the restaurant business, employee turnover is higher than in any other industry. Training new employees can be an on-going problem. Camaleon is very easy to use, even for employees with no prior computer experience. The average time per employee is only 15 Minutes. Camaleon is object oriented with icons and product logos that can assist in training new employees into experienced operators in as little as 10-20 minutes. If they can read, and point at the appropriate item on the screen, they can run the system.



Which of your servers is making the most money and profit for you? With your current system, do you have any way of tracking the $$$? We provide you, in the blink of an eye, with not only sales figures but which server is making the most profit for your business.

Sales Reporting


Extensive reporting is a necessity of any good POS system. The ability to customize those reports is even more important. The following sales related reports will let you make better business decisions about menu items, servers, and sales: restaurant sales reports, item sales reports, server sales reports, payment reports, void reports, time and attendance reports, profitability reports, and table turn reports..



What items on your menu are the most profitable? Most popular? What is your daily profit by individual item? How much of an item are you selling in relationship to the main category, i.e., how much of your meat sales are in the form of steak in units, dollars and percentages? If you are like most restaurateurs, these are probably a few of the many things you would like to keep track of.

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